Blogger as a Class Website

The Class Website assignment suggests using Google Sites as your tool. However, if you would rather create a website using Blogger, you can use the resources on this page. It should have at least 4 pages

1.1. A page introducing yourself with

  • a picture that you have creatively edited using Picnik or some other photo editing tool OR a short, embedded less than one-minute video introduction of yourself.
  • an embedded Google map showing a school that you are pretending to be teaching at.

1.2. An embedded calendar page (using Google calendar or a similar tool) with an embedded digital calendar with two months filled with fictional classroom events and assignment due dates.

1.3. A content page that introduces one concept to your class:

  • you need to embed at least one instructional video related to the content on this page (you can find videos on a video sharing website, such as TeacherTube or YouTube. TeacherTube focuses just on education, but sometimes is not as reliable)
  • you need to include links/images and or other media that will help to explain the concept to your class
  • a link to an assignment page that you have posted in Google Docs

1.4. One other page of your choice where you demonstrate a tool that you have learned. Here are some ideas:

Resources For Creating Class Websites With Blogger

These tutorials were created by myself and by another IPT 286 instructor, Dr. Graham, using Jing.

Embedding a Google Calendar


Creating additional “pages” within your Blogger blog

Embed Map

Embedding Slideshare, YouTube, or Goodreads

Embed Survey

SlideShare Tutorial

Additional iframe tag information: Here is the code for an iframe tag to embed any online content on a webpage: <iframe src= width=”800″ height=”600″></iframe> This will put the content of site “” into a 800×600 pixel frame on the page. <iframe src= width=”80%” height=”60%”></iframe> This will do the same as above but the site will fill 80% of the width of the page and 60% of the height of the page.

Evaluation Rubric

Characteristic Stellar Adequate Unacceptable
Created a Class Website (4 pts) Visually appealing, professional look, no broken links or images, easy navigation, good web design. No broken links or images, and good navigation Website has problems or is difficult to navigate.
Introduction (4 pts) Effective use of video/picture, text, and calendar. All items embedded correctly, and sized correctly. Items are all included, but the embedding is incorrect or sloppy, and the picture/video is done poorly. Missing items. We still don’t really know who you are as a teacher.
Calendar (4 pts) Calendar filled out and embedded correctly Calendar is embedded, but is not filled out very much or appears sloppy. Missing calendar or broken link.
Content Page (4 pts) All items included, and together they effectively teach the topic. Only one item is missing, or it is unclear how they work together. Missing items.
Final Page (4 pts) Tool is effectively used on the website to accomplish an instructional purpose. Tool is used, but not clear on the instructional usefulness. Tool is not embedded correctly or does not work well.


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