The Professors of Instructional Design Technology conference is an annual retreat where professors of instructional design technology and advanced doctoral students preparing to become professors discuss current trends in the field of instructional design technology. The conference is typically informal, with an emphasis on networking, professional development, interactive discussion, and action. For example, course redesigns, research directions, and significant publications in the field have begun as collaborations at PIDT conferences. Frequent topics of discussion include:

  • Evolving theories and approaches to instructional design
  • Emerging technologies relevant to education
  • The professional development and training of graduate students in the field
  • The history and genealogy of the field
  • Curriculum and academia challenges and solutions
  • Future developments that may lead to important shifts in the discipline.

For information on this year’s PIDT conference including registration information, a brief history of the conference, shared photos and documents from past conferences, and avenues for “continuing the conversation”, please see the links available on this website. For suggestions for additional features or content, please contact Dr. Rick West at Brigham Young University [rickwest – at –].

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