Call for Proposals

PIDT 2018, the 32nd annual Professors of Instructional Design Technology conference, is an annual retreat where professors and advanced doctoral students preparing to become professors discuss current trends in our field. You are invited to submit a proposal to present at the 2018 PIDT conference and to share your unique knowledge and skills with your peers and emerging scholars. In PIDT’s tradition of balancing structure with informal conversations, we encourage proposals that are informal, exploratory, forward-thinking, and/or provocative. We are particularly interested in proposals that promote or embody networking, professional development, interactive discussion, and action.

Proposal Process

Sessions are generally 50 minutes in length (PIDT sessions typically are very discussion-oriented). Consistent with PIDT tradition, sessions can be proposed on site and discussions can emerge organically. However, for planning purposes, it’s helpful to know what sessions people are planning to have. We can also provide letters of presentation confirmation for your university if needed for funding purposes.

Below are proposed strands for PIDT 2018:

  • Curriculum and Teaching
  1. Sharing ideas, curricula, syllabi, and technologies for classes
  2. New innovative programmatic initiatives
  3. New and evolving instructional approaches
  • Research
  1. Emerging research ideas and significant research trends
  2. New research methods or trends
  3. Research questions that should guide our field
  • Professional Development
  1. Tips for students and early career professors to advance their careers
  2. The culture of the professoriate
  3. Work/life balance
  4. Publishing tips and trends
  5. Emerging technologies
  • Other
  1. Proposals that do not fit specifically into one of the above strands but fit the tradition of PIDT and are of interest to PIDT attendees

Submit Proposal

Proposals should be no more than one page in length, should be in MS Word or PDF format, and should include the following information:

  • Title of presentation/session
  • Presenter name(s) and contact information (including email addresses)
  • Presentation/session category (Curriculum and Teaching, Research, Professional Development, Other)
  • Objective(s) of presentation/session
  • Description of presentation/session (maximum of 100 words)

Please submit your proposal via email attachment. Proposals can be submitted to either Tom Brush or Jenn Richardson:

Deadline for proposal submission is April 22, 2018.

Contact Information

For information on this year’s program, contact to either Tom Brush or Jenn Richardson.

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