PIDT 2015, the 29th annual Professors of Instructional Design Technology conference, is an annual retreat where professors of instructional design technology and advanced doctoral students preparing to become professors discuss current trends in the field of instructional design technology. You are invited to submit a proposal to present at the 2015 PIDT conference and to share your unique knowledge and skills with your peers and emerging scholars. In PIDT’s tradition of balancing structure with informal conversations, we encourage proposals that are informal, exploratory, forward-thinking, and/or provocative. We are particularly interested in proposals that promote or embody networking, professional development, interactive discussion, and action.

This year we are introducing a somewhat unique session format to generate intense and organic conversation about relevant issues in instructional design and technology–the Crossroads model ( This model provides a structure that allows the audience to play an active role in exploring challenges in the field and exploring potential ideas and solutions. The goal is not to pass knowledge down but rather for knowledge to grow within and across participants. Hence, a key to the Crossroads model is the “incubator forum.” Presenters in an incubator forum are given time to present their issue, after which the audience is allowed to ask clarifying questions. Following this, the audience engages in intense discussion around the issue presented, with no input from the presenter. Finally, the presenter rejoins the discussion to ask questions, summarize, and respond. This session format received great reviews at a recent design-based research conference (, and we are excited to offer it for interested presenters at this year’s PIDT.

For more information on the Crossroads Model so you can consider proposing a session, click here. This information is provided by Matthew Schmidt, the conference program planner.


General Information

Proposal Process

Traditional Sessions are generally 50 minutes and include any presentation and discussion (PIDT sessions typically are very discussion-oriented).

Crossroads Incubator Sessions are also 50 minutes and will follow this structure:

  • First, the presenter provides an overview of the issue, concluding with what his/her challenges or “pain points” are.
  • Second, the participants ask clarifying questions
  • Third, the participants discuss possible solutions without the presenter responding
  • Fourth, the presenter responds to the suggestions and attempts to bring closure to the discussion and a call towards action, either personally or collectively.

Consistent with PIDT tradition, sessions can be proposed on site and discussions can emerge organically. However, for planning purposes, it’s helpful to know what sessions people are planning to have. If you have a session you would like to present please submit a complete proposal to this Google Form. We can also provide letters of presentation confirmation for your university if needed for funding purposes.

We are planning to offer the following strands for PIDT 2015: You can propose a Traditional or a Crossroads session for any strand.

  • Teaching
      1. Sharing ideas, curricula, syllabi, and technologies for classes
      2. New and evolving technology-oriented instructional approaches
      3. Open education


  • Professional development
      1. Tips for students and early career professors to advance their careers
      2. The culture of the professoriate
      3. Work/life balance
      4. Publishing (esp. open access)
      5. Emerging technologies
  • Research
  1. Reports of significant work or integrative reviews (completed or in-progress) in research, design, and/or development
  2. New and evolving research methods
  • Technology “sandbox”
      1. Cool and emerging technology “show and tell” – intended to be hands-on and experiential
      2. Your in-development or functional technology-based learning environments/interventions
  • Other
    1. Proposal that does not fit specifically into one of the above four strands but fits the tradition of PIDT and is of interest to PIDT attendees


Submit Proposal

Submit by filling out this short Google Form.

Contact Information

For information on this year’s program, contact Matthew Schmidt at the University of Hawaii: mmschmid [at] hawaii [dot] edu

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